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Media is one of the most profound sectors these days that reflects our society. It is a catalyst to bring about significant changes in the society and RAA Positive Media aims towards this positivity. The main goal of RAA Positive Media is to accomplish a proactive society. RAA Positive Media wishes to spread light across the society using Web, Electronic and Print Media.

RAA Positive Media focuses on the positive realms of the society and its agenda is to report stories that inspires positive attitude towards life and society. We will begin with a portal that daily features ten positive stories with a human touch from around the world and foster a motivational approach among the youth. The stories will be provided free to small dailies and district level magazines to promote such journalism.

Saluting India's RAA Positive Media:

Illuminating a Brighter Society Igniting change through positivity, one story at a time.

Salute India's Innovation Spirit

Crafting success stories, step by step.

Empowerment through Innovation

Harnessing innovation as a tool for India’s growth, enabling individuals and communities to create meaningful impact.


Inspiring Growth and Progress

Fostering a spirit of growth and progress, driving India towards greater heights through visionary initiatives and relentless determination.


Celebrating Diversity and Unity

Honoring India’s rich diversity while fostering unity, weaving a tapestry of cultures, ideas, and aspirations for a harmonious nation.


Championing Positive Change

Leading the charge for transformative change, embodying the ethos of positivity and paving the way for a brighter, better India.