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Ramesh Tanna

A master in journalism and Bachelors in Communication, journalism and public Relations (BCJP), Mr. Ramesh Tanna has a varied experience in the field of media over a number of years. He also has profile experience of teaching at Gujarat Vidyapith and number of institution in Gujarat. Mr. Ramesh Tanna and his better half Mrs. Anita Tanna founded Sangoshthi Feature that published news pertaining to Development Journalism via which he got chance to pen his thoughts in many mainstream newspaper. He published a weekly “Amdavad Today”, and ran it successfully for two years. He was also associated with the weekly “Gujarat Times” published from US from the year 1999 to 2013 and served as resident editor for many years. He has major contribution in making it best Gujarati newspaper weekly in its Diaspora. Since year 1991, he has been teaching Mass communication at several universities and educational institutions in Gujarat.

Mr. Ramesh Tanna has also won a number of accolades like “Girnar Award”, “Charkha Development Journalism Award”, Gujarat Journalists Association Golden Jubilee Honour and more. Apart from being a brilliant orator he is founder of RAA Positive Media Ltd. And Editor in chief of “Gujarat Connection”, a bilingual (Gujarati & English) newspaper being published from Sydney. It is his mission to incorporate socially relevant journalism mainstream. He is actively involved with many literature oriented institutions like Gujarati Sahitya Parishad and regularly organizes reading camps to inculcate reading habits in children and adults et al. Along with his hardworking team he strives to promote and develop a healthy society via various modes of communication.


Anita Tanna

Upon completion of B.A., she persuade MJS (Master in Journalism). Thereafter, with her jivansathi and journalist Ramesh Tanna, she set up “Sangoshthi Features”, an agency that attempted to bring forth issues related to Development Journalism in many of the well known mainstream newspaper, which also got her an opportunity to write for them, For ahmedabad, she published “ Ahmedabad Today”, that ran successfully for 2 years. Gujarat Government honoured her with “The best Woman Journalist” award in 1997. She currently writes for a variety of media including newspapers. She has also done extensive research on the reproductive health of the salt producing Agariya women working in the dessert and Coastal regions. Her articles took the world by storm and were widely discussed when they were published in several media.

Under her editorial guidance, “Computer Jagat” and Info World” were also published. To encourage reading habits in children, she regularly organizes reading camps. She is also associated with many social organizations. For her positive journalism, she has been awarded the “Charkha development Journalism Award” and many others. She is actively involved with women’s media forum. Writing for organizations and people, she has until present day written and edited five books. She is the co-founder of Positive Media Pvt. Ltd., and also the co-editor of “Gujarat Connection” published from Sydney, Australia is Gujarati and English languages. She is actively works with her team to bring about a combination of the media that promotes a healthy society.